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 I realise that I spend a fair bit of time on my blog promoting writers from Australia, New Zealand and the United States, but I have been guilty of neglecting other parts of the world. So, I thought it would be nice to welcome someone who I have been following for a while on Twitter and always has something interesting to say, as well as spending a lot of her time signal boosting the work of others–Joyce Chng. She’s a very talented writer, and I’d encourage you to check out her work.

Oh, um, hello. I am Joyce Chng. I write science fiction, fantasy, YA and things in between. Oh yeah, I am Singaporean Chinese. I did study in Western Australia for seven years. Yeah, that’s all I want to say about me at the moment.


Okay, yeah, the things I write.  I write urban fantasy set in Singapore and it has Chinese werewolves who are more wolves than werewolves. Think wolves in human bodies. The main protagonist is a woman who is the daughter of the large Lang clan leaders. She is a mom with kids. I wanted an urban fantasy that reflected my own reality and in 2009, challenged myself to write one. The result was Wolf At The Door, a novel set in Singapore, about sibling rivalry, unity of the family and mothers who have to protect their kids.

Wolf At The Door, Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye, and Heart of Fire are now being published under Fox Spirit Books, an awesome British publisher.


I also write YA. My first attempt to write a YA one was a webserial titled The Basics of Flight, a steampunk tale with leofin pilots and a girl’s dream to be one. The steampunk tale was followed by Oysters, Pearls and Magic,  with magic and finding your own identity when you are different.  Then I went to write a trilogy set on a distant desert planet where the main character was of Han/Asian descent.  She too wanted to fly, this time, on one of the pterosaur-like aliens the humans had allied with on the planet.  In between, I wrote about a phoenix princess space opera YA and then, now a fantasy Qing China one where a human princess establishes a close friendship with a dragon princess.


Many of my stories are also published in anthologies like The Apex Book of World SF II, We See A Different Frontier, Cranky Ladies of History and YA’s Best Speculative Fiction 2013.

I guess I write because I love to write? I write because it is like breathing to me?

If you would like to find out more about my writing, you can check out A Wolf’s Tale ( There you can find out more about my books, along the side bar where I categorize them.

I also Twitter at @jolantru, if you like social media.




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