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Galactic Chat 58 – Ken Liu

In this latest episode of Galactic Chat, I get to talk to one of my favourite writers – Ken Liu! I have to apologise to all our listeners, because I was completely starstruck, and not very articulate. Fortunately, Ken more than makes up for it with one of the most fascinating interviews I have done.

We cover a huge range of ground, from the art of short stories to the challenges and pleasures of translating into English. We also get to hear about Ken’s upcoming “silkpunk” novel, which sounds absolutely amazing.

Anyone who loves short stories, epic fantasy, going out into the broader culture of spec fic or sweeping sci fi will get a huge amount out of this podcast. Actually, any spec fic fan is going to love it!

In this week’s episode David interviews Hugo and Nebula Award winning author Ken Liu. They talk about the short story form, the difficulty in translating from Chinese to English, Ken’s translation of the Chinese sci-fi masterpiece The Three Body Problem by  Liu Cixin and Ken’s own epic fantasy”Silkpunk” series called The Grace of Kings. 

The blog post they reference in the cast is

You can find Ken at his website.


Galactic Chat Post Ditmar Bonus Cast

From the Galactic Chat Website:

In this week’s cast, we decided to do a Skype catch up with the team to talk about out recent Ditmar win.  In addition to congratulating each other we also took the time to engage in a little reflection.  We discuss podcasting as a way that authors can skill themselves up for interviews in other media spheres. We also talk about some of our favourite interviews and who we would interview if given the chance and money being no impediment.  

Enjoy our slightly Coode Street-esque ramble.


Interviewer: Sean Wright

Guests: Mark Webb, David McDonald, Alex Pierce, Helen Stubbs

Music & Intro: Tansy Rayner Roberts

Post-production: Sean Wright


Twitter: @galactichat

Email: galactichat at gmail dot com

Galactic Chat – Kaaron Warren

In my latest interview for Galactic Chat, I interview one of Australia’s finest writers – Kaaron Warren. We talk about everything from ghost hunting to baby teeth, and you will get to hear me rendered speechless, a very rare thing indeed!

You can listen to the interview here. For more information about Kaaron’s work her blog can be found here, and you can read a free online story here.

Karron Warren

Galactic Chat – Kirstyn McDermott

In the latest interview from Galactic Chat, I have the pleasure of interviewing one of Australia’s most talented spec fic authors – Kirstyn McDermott. From the show notes:

David McDonald returns this week with another interview from Continuum 9.  In this episode he talks to Kirstyn McDermott, award winning author of Perfections and the recently released  Caution: Contains Small Parts, and co-host of the Writer and the Critic Podcast (fear not, this is a Mondy free zone).

In this episode they discuss the challenges of transitioning between short and long fiction, and the comeback of the novella. Kirstyn shares her thoughts on the changing face of the publishing industry and discusses her experiences with the ebook only release of Perfections. And, we hear Kirstyn’s tips on how you go about reviewing the work of people you know.

You can purchase Perfections from XoumAmazon or Kobo
 Caution: Contains Small Parts will be available from Twelfth Planet Press

Author Website:

Author Twitter: @fearofemeralds

You can follow this link to listen!


A Conversational Journey through New Who – Spearhead from Space!

As we prepare to start on the next season of Doctor Who in our conversational review series, we thought we would do something different and check an episode of Classic Who. We made a list of epsiodes worth looking at, and Tansy suggested “Spearhead from Space”. There were a number of reasons it seemed a great start, it is the first appearance of Jon Pertwee as the Doctor, was intended as a mini reboot of the series and, very importantly, features Caroline John as Liz Shaw (some of you may be aware that, sadly, she passed away this year).

And, to make it even more different, we decided to try our hand at podcasting! This was my first experience, and rather nerve wracking, but we got through it. I am not game to listen to my babbling, so you will have to let me know how I went.

We had a lot of fun, and hopefully you will enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it. You can listen from the Podbean site, or download in iTunes (search The Book Nut or “Doctor Who in Conversation”). A big thanks to Andrew Finch for producing it for us!