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Some Quick Updates from Up North

Updates have been few and far between as I am currently in the middle of of some interstate travel for work. Yesterday I flew into Alice Spirngs and had 24 hours to get about 36 hours of work done, before flying out at lunchtime today for Darwin (I am writing this in the plane).

I didn’t have time for any socialising in Alice Springs, though I managed to find a steakhouse and have a truly magnificent meal, but my sister is in Darwin so I will get a chance to spend some time with her.

I’m very grateful to have a job where I get the opportunity to travel, though sometimes it can get a little hectic. I’ve already been to Tasmania this year, and next week I will be in Perth.  One of the lovely things about the Aussie Spec Fic Community is how I have been made to feel so welcome every city I go to. In Hobart I caught up with friends, and I have no doubt Perth with be the same.

Some quick little updates and news:

  • The Hugo ballot has been released and it’s great to see some Aussie representation. Coode St and Galactic Suburbia are on there again, and hopefully one of them is the winner (or a tie!), Also, Jonathan Strahan is up for Editor, Short Form.  Surely, it’s long past due for him to walk away with a rocket? I hope this is his year.
  • But, the one I am most excited about is Tansy’s nomination as Best Fan Writer. It’s been a privilege working with her on the Doctor Who reviews. Tansy has that rare mix of passion and knowledge and perception, and you hardly ever get all three. You can tell Tansy loves the things she is writing about, and cares deeply about examining them – and not pretending that problematic elements sometimes exist. She really is one of the best commentators on the genre going around – as her nomination attests.
  • I have guest blog up at Crazy 8 Press talking about my story in the ReDeus: Beyond Borders anthology. Check it out if you dare, it has a photo of me that isn’t for the faint hearted
  • For the last few months I have been in talks with a production company about writing a science fiction web series. Things are going well and we are looking at filming in January. I am extremely excited about the potential I can see, and learning how to write screenplays has been a lot of fun. I will, of course, keep you posted!

Hopefully I will have time for a longer post from Darwin, but stay tuned as tomorrow’s Wednesday Writer is well worth the read!

Addendum – I am here and it is HOT. Wow.

‘Tis the Season – for Award Nominations! (International Edition)

Yes, it is that time of year when all sorts of awards are up for grabs! Let’s start with the big one, the Hugos:

Nominations close on Sunday, March 10, 2013, 23:59 EDT (Monday, March 11, 06:59 UTC/GMT).

The 2013 Hugo Awards are hosted by LoneStarCon 3, the 71st World Science Fiction Convention.  Members of LoneStarCon 3 and Loncon 3 who join by January 31, 2013, and all members of Chicon 7, the prior year’s Worldcon, may submit nomination ballots.  Note that only one ballot per person will be counted, even if you are a member of more than one of these conventions.

For more information on the Hugo Awards, or to download a printable ballot form, please visit LoneStarCon 3’s website at:


It was great to see a number of Aussies nominated last year, and hopefully this year there will be even more! I was also thrilled to see that Jim Hines was plugging Tansy Roberts for Best Fan Writer as I think she does exceptional work in exploring important issues in speculative fiction, and a number of Aussies are eligible for the John W. Campbell Award.

If you aren’t eligible to vote in the Hugos there is no need to despair! Anyone can vote in the Locus Awards! The 2012 Recommended Reading List featured some incredible works, and a delightful number of Aussies. Or, if they missed something you think deserved to be on there you can do a write in vote!

Both of these awards depend on the participation of fans, and the more people who vote the more value they have. So, have at it!