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Monkey business

Mojo would be proud!

A plucky group of 15 monkeys have used bendy tree branches to slingshot themselves over a 5m-tall electric fence in Japan.

The primates launched themselves one by one off the 2m trees and over the fence to escape their enclosure at Kyoto University’s Primate Research Institute (PRI).

The full story is here. Let’s hope they don’t figure out what else they can fling at people using catapults!

A Rose by any other name…

For some strange reason, I found this article laugh out loud hilarious (as in my vocal cords vibrated to emit a sound denoting mirth or amusement, not just the LOL people throw around). It did earn me few funny looks.

I don’t know whether it was the original article, the fact that people seemed to be deliberately trying to crash the commenting system with outrageous names or the fact that some of the commenters go so very angry at the lack of real world application of the post.

It’s as if they were outraged that the blog owner dared to post something that approached levity and didn’t give them a solution on a silver platter. Then again, it could have been their latest stop in a futile search to solve a mission critical issue with their database that was costing millions. That would make me angry.