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A Conversational Journey through New Who – The Runaway Bride (S02 Christmas Special)

A Conversational Journey through New Who – The Runaway Bride (S02 Christmas Special)


Art by Kathleen Jennings


Watching New Who – in conversation with David McDonald, Tansy Rayner Roberts and Tehani Wessely
– with artwork by Kathleen Jennings!

David is coming to New Who for the first time, having loved Classic Who as a kid. Tehani is a recent convert, and ploughed through Seasons 1 to 6 (so far) in just a few weeks after becoming addicted thanks to Matt Smith – she’s rewatching to keep up with David! Tansy is the expert in the team, with a history in Doctor Who fandom that goes WAY back, and a passion for Doctor Who that inspires us all.

For this Christmas episode we are very excited to present some amazing original fan art by Kathleen Jennings. Thanks Kathleen! Check out Kathleen’s awesome artwork at her blog, particularly her regular Dalek Game pieces! And you might like to know that Kathleen is eligible for Best Fan Artist, if you’re nominating for the Hugos… 🙂

We’re going to work our way through New Who, using season openers and closers, and Hugo shortlisted episodes, as our blogging points. Just for fun! We have already talked about:

“Rose”, S01E01
“Dalek”, S01E06
“Father’s Day”, S01E08
“The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances”, S01E09/10
“Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways”, S01E12/13
Season One Report Card – DavidTansyTehani
“The Christmas Invasion”, 2005 Christmas Special
“New Earth”, S02E01
“School Reunion”, S02E03
“The Girl in the Fireplace”, S02E04
“Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel”, S02E05/06
“Army of Ghosts/Doomsday”, S02E12/13
Season Two Report Card – David, Tansy, Tehani

“The Runaway Bride” – Season Two Christmas Special

The Doctor – David Tennant
Donna Noble – Catherine Tate

This Christmas Special was probably one of the most divisive Doctor Who stories in its time, because it all came down to whether you loved or hated Donna (Catherine Tate).  I liked Donna at the time, but came to love her more and more in retrospect, and so I find that I like this story more every time I watch it.  Having said that, I’m not in it for the plot!

I love Donna! She was a bit bumpy in this, her first appearance, but she is so awesome!!

I liked Donna as a character, but in terms of the writing there were a lot of lazy stereotypes about women and about brides in this, and a bit too much fun at her expense, rather than fun with her. She was a great contrast to Rose, though.
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