Don’t Panic

I would, if confronted with a Dalek! Very clever concept, and quite well done.

As most people would know, Douglas Adams did a fair bit of work on Doctor Who, but my favourite works were his Dirk Gently series. Not to say that I am not a huge Hitch Hiker’s Guide fan!He was just one of those all round brilliant writers, and it was a terrible shame he died so young.

I used to get frustrated in debates about religion where someone would inevitably drag out a famous quote of his as if it was somehow the ultimate argument with which to disprove Christianity.

Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?

As pithy a line as that is, it invites the response that it is perfectly reasonable to believe in a gardener, and that it is far more illogical to see a garden and assume it sprung up simply by chance.

Of course, the most frustrating part about people using that is that it does Douglas Adams a real disservice. He was brilliant enough to have far better arguments against religion than that, and to give the impression that was the best he could come up with is an insult to a brilliant man. Adams’ atheism was the result of reason and an intelligent mind, and I have no doubt he would have hated being quoted by people who don’t think for themselves. His was the sort of atheism I can respect.

Anyway, I digress, that’s just always been a little bugbear of mine. Hope you enjoyed the movie!

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