Wonder Woman Reboot

The geekosphere is all a-twitter with discussion of the recent announcement that Wonder Woman will be taken in a new direction, with a radical reboot of her continuity and a costume redesign (which personally I don’t really like). There is an in depth interview with the new writer here.

Every mythos needs a reboot at some point, if only to trim away the dead wood of lame storylines. But, I think sometimes publishers tinker for the sake of tinkering, and in their desire to be “edgy” or “relevant” they lose sight of the heart of the character. DC need to be careful here, as Wonder Woman is one of the “Big Three” and they don’t want to stuff it up. Of course, I can take a degree of cynical amusement in the fact that they have given themselves a “Get out of jail free” card. As far as I can understand, the premise of the reboot is that Wonder Woman’s timeline has been altered and she is trying to restore it, so if this proves a dud  they can just say she has fixed it and go back to where they started from!

I don’t have a lot invested in this change, I don’t actually read that many comics. For a more passionate viewpoint and some very good reasons why this is a bad thing, it is worth checking out Ragnell’s article at Written World. Be warned, though, don’t click on that link if you can’t handle swearing! I have the bad feeling she is right about how this will turn out, but Wonder Woman has survived Nazis and gods and even The Paper Man (cue ominous music). I am sure she can survive this.

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