Submission Limbo

Well, after much revising I submitted a short story last night, after a rewrite request from the editor.

So, currently I am in that terrible state called submission limbo. You know, the state where you have worked hard on a story, polished it up and sent it off…and now you have to wait for that email, torn between excitement, because maybe they will accept it, and dread, because noone likes rejection!

With this particular anthology, I know that they are planning on finalising the TOC this weekend so that’s not that long to wait, but I am really not going to be much good to anyone until I hear back!

So, currently I have two stories in the wild, and three currently in progress, with specific markets in mind. I am also going to rewrite my most recent rejected piece, because I think it is a good story, it just needs work.

Hopefully, I will have some good news to post soon!

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