After the Rain

No one in Australia could possibly be unaware of the terrible events in Queensland as flood waters have caused damage and destruction, and tragic loss of life. Over the past few days, we have also become aware of the fact that floods are occurring in Northern and Western Victoria, one of the towns affected being Horsham, were I spent most of my teenage years. I have been constantly in touch with my parents, who fortunately are in no immediate danger as they are well away from the swollen river, but it is a pretty nervous time. My wife’s parents are also currently cut off, they live in Murtoa.

It has been really lovely to have received so many questions and calls from friends inquiring about our families, and it reminds me of what a good hearted people Australians essentially are. In times like this you see the generosity, both of spirit and financially, that the people of this nation possess. Whether it was Black Saturday, or the Boxing Day Tsunami or the floods in Pakistan, Aussies are always willing to dig deep to help others.

If you want to support those struggling at this time, esepcially those in Queensland who from what I can see have it much worse than here in Victoria, there are numerous places you can give, but here are two that I think are reputable and worthwhile.

The Salvation Army

After the Rain Limited Edition Ebook

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