WriMoFoFo Results

On Sunday, WriMoFoFo came to an end. Considering the slow start my month got off to (due to Continuum) I was quite happy that in the end I easily hit 20,000 words. I really had to work hard in the middle of the month to get on track but it was worth it.

You can see from the graph below how I went.

I ended up with three completed shorts (two be critted, and one submitted) and a couple of good starts on some others. Not a bad month’s work!

It was amazing how having set goals encouraged me to write consistently. I never struggle with thinking of things to write about, it is just the getting it on to paper (well, the screen if we want to nit pick) and the stories I completed were ones I have been thinking about writing for a while, but just never got around to. Normally it is deadlines that force me to write which doesn’t leave much wriggle room, I see this as a much more efficient method.

I was so impressed with how this focussed my writing that I am going to adapt the spreadsheet for ongoing monthly use. This month I am setting a 15,000 word goal as I want to do some editing of what I wrote over the previous period. I am even seriously considering NaNoWriMo now that I have seen what goal setting can achieve!

A big thanks to Elizabeth for coordinating this, it has been great. Hopefully now I can kick on and make achieving these sort of writing goals the norm, not the exception.

2 thoughts on “WriMoFoFo Results

  1. David Post author

    I will be looking for buddies on the site…awesome. And, I am sure you will be able to make up for the first days, what with all the inspiration you will get!

    Thanks for popping by 🙂

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