Status Update

It’s the end of another cycle of writing, and while I made very hard work of reaching my 15,000 word target, I got there in the end!

As you can see, I got off to a very slow start which I blame on extremely poor health, but a big push later in the month took me over the line. Despite the fact I am moving house (the thought of which I loath) I am going to set a goal of 15,000 words again because I do have a number of projects I have get done.

Notable things from this month:

  • My first invitation to submit to an anthology, as opposed to submitting via an open call. It is certainly lovely to be thought of, and it is not only a higher paying market than I am used to, but it is for a franchise, and area I want to get into.
  • Been commissioned to write a non fiction piece for a nationally circulating newspaper
  • I have four stories in the wild and two of them are at the second round stage
  • Officially started my Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing course, which I am thoroughly enjoying
  • My latest story is now available to buy, details in the next post.

So, a big month ahead – it should be fun!

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