Countdown to Conflux

This year I have been fortunate enough to attend both Swancon and Continuum, and had such amazing experiences that I have turned into a bit of a Con junkie. So, I am very excited to be heading off to Conflux next week. The committee have been kind enough to give me a number of panels, and I even get to moderate one!

Friday 5:30pm – Melrose Room
The Media “Franchise” and other tales of TV success Panel
Our panellists discuss SF television shows with successful runs and/or spin-off series.
Panellists: Conor Bendle (moderator), Mik Bennett, Devin Jeyathurai, Duncan Lay, and David McDonald.

Saturday 10am – Melrose Room
“Ask the Tech Expert” Panel
Our panel of experts examine a range of objects and give us their educated guess about the item’s name and probable function.
Host: Kathleen Jennings Panellists: Rob Hood, David McDonald, Lewis Morley, and John Morris.

Saturday 1:30pm – Melrose Room
Comic Adaptations Panel
Comic Book heroes take on the Big Screen” – Superman, Spiderman, Ironman, The Green Hornet, Captain America, the X Men – they’ve all made it to the big screen. Have they done it right?
Panellists: Conor Bendle, Mik Bennett, Rob Hood, Devin Jeyathurai, David McDonald (moderator), and Ian Nichols.

Monday 2:30pm – Melrose Room
“Drop the Dead Donkey” Panel.
Have all the shows that have been rebooted, revised, resurrected been a waste of time? Was the original better than the remake?
Panellists: Conor Bendle, Mik Bennett, and David McDonald.

Looking at the program, they have done a great job of putting together what looks like will be a wonderful convention. Aside from a varied list of panels, there are some workshops that I can’t wait to attend, plus all the social stuff that runs alongside any convention worth its salt. So, now I am counting down the days!

I found that the best way to keep up with blogging my experiences was to do a daily report, so I will try and do that again at Conflux.

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