Night of the Nyctalope

Very excited to see the TOC for Black Coat Press‘ upcoming anthology, “Night of the Nyctalope“, and thrilled to have one of my stories included!

“The Girl from Odessa”, is set, rather unsuprisingly, in Odessa during the chaotic years after the Revolution, and features some familiar characters from my story Catspaw. It was my first time writing about the Nyctalope, a fascinating character you can read more about here.

The full TOC is:
Introduction by Jean-Marc Lofficier
Jean de La Hire: Night of the Nyctalope Steps In [Rien qu’une Nuit] (1944)
Travis Hiltz: First Steps (1900)
Matthew Dennion: The Angel and the Exorcist (1906)
Matthew Dennion: Dangerous Territory (1909)
Martin Gately: The Dam Busters of Mars (1911)
Chris Nigro: Justice and Power (1917)
David McDonald: The Girl from Odessa (1919)
Emmanuel Gorlier: Una Voce Poco Fa (1936)
Philippe Ward: The Hour of the Grail (1936)
Matthew Dennion: The Road Not Taken (1942)
Chris Nigro: Requiem for a Regime (1945)
Travis Hiltz: Showdown at Steam Town (1949)
Emmanuel Gorlier: Madison Square Garden (1949)
Roman Leary : The Devil You Know (1950)
Emmanuel Gorlier: The Algerian Dilemma (1959)
Jean-Marc Lofficier : The Ides of Mars (2012)

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