The Shadow of Judex – TOC and Cover Art

Black Coat Press have announced the ToC of their upcoming release, The Shadow of Judex.


Rick Lai: Acolytes of the Shadows (Previously published in
Shadows of the Opera)
Matthew Dennion: The Quality of Vengeance
Emmanuel Gorlier: Judex ab Chaos
Matthew Baugh: Mask of the Monster (Previously published in
Tales of the Shadowmen N°1)
Jean-Marc Lofficier: Lost and Found (Previously published in
Tales of the Shadowmen N°2)
Robert L. Robinson, Jr.: Two Hunters (Previously published in
Tales of the Shadowmen N°3)
Matthew Baugh: The Gargoyles of Notre-Dame
Chris Roberson: Penumbra (Previously published in
Tales of the Shadowmen N°1)
Matthew Baugh: What Rough Beast (Previously published in
Tales of the Shadowmen N°7)
Christofer Nigro: Justice and Power (Previously published in
Night of the Nyctalope)
Christofer Nigro: The Beast Within
Thom Brannan & Matthew Baugh: Every Rose
Christofer Nigro: The Ultimate Prize
Vincent Jounieaux: The Dreadful Conspiracy
Nicholas Boving: The Talisman
Matthew Dennion: Training Day
Dennis E. Power: The Judex Codex
Christofer Nigro: Eye of the Tiger-Man
Rick Lai: Judex Rules
John Gallagher: Judex vs. Belphegor (Previously published in
Tales of the Shadowmen N°8)
Romain d’Huissier: A Ticket for Thule
J.-M. & Randy Lofficier: The Affair of the Necklace Revisited (Previously published in
Tales of the Shadowmen N°8)
David McDonald: Shadows from the East
Travis Hiltz: Ilsa’s Crossing
Matthew Dennion: Faces of Fear (Previously published in
Tales of the Shadowmen N°7)

JUDEX! He whose name means “Judge”! Created in 1917 by writer Arthur Bernède and filmmaker Louis Feuillade, Judex is the first of the dark knights, predating both The Shadow and Batman. To avenge the death of his father, young Jacques de Trémeuse has put on the dark hat and cloak of Judex and embarks on a secret war to mercilessly punish criminals.

This collection of 25 stories, 16 of which were written especially for this volume, by 15 of the best pulp writers from Australia, England, France and the United States pay homage to this milestone of popular fiction. In it, you will find Judex meets such icons as the Frankenstein Monster, Dracula and the Werewolf of Paris, cross paths with France’s premier super-hero the Nyctalope, survive the bloody trenches of World War I and the perils of Occupied Vichy France, always faithful to his noble ideals, the very embodiment of Justice.

My story, Shadows from the East, features on Paris on the brink of invasion, Polish spies and Nazi super soldiers! As always, I am delighted to feature alongside some wonderful writers, and the range of stories means that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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