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The Big Issues

Sometimes I wonder whether we deserve democracy. After the “Great Debate” where we get to hear our prospective leaders articulate their stance on vital issues, what is the public’s focus? Julia Gillard’s earlobes.

I am not a fan of Julia Gillard at all, but for a start I think it is cruel and cowardly for random people to hide behind the distance and anonymity the internet provides and dissect her appearance. Secondly, this shouldn’t be about people’s looks but about whether they should be running the country.

People complain about politicians but I can’t help but think that we get exactly the government we deserve.


UPDATE: Rudd is out.

Exciting times. It looks like before the day is out we will have a new Prime Minister, and the first female one to boot.

I find it hard to comprehend that the man who dazzled Australia with his new age campaign that encompassed talk shows and Facebook has crashed from such dizzying heights without even seeing out a full term in the top job.

I had always had a fair bit of time for Kevin Rudd as the Shadow Foreign Minister. His appearances on morning television made him seem erudite and an intellectual, with a balanced outlook that went beyond partisan politics. I never took him serious as a Prime Ministerial contender though, I figured he was probably a bit too much of an intellectual, almost a geek, to appeal to the electorate. But, I was wrong, obviously. Continue reading