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Thoughts on the Hunger Games – Not a review.

Last Sunday I went along to see The Hunger Games with the Continuum crowd (And I must say, it was lovely to catch up with them again!). I had only recently read the trilogy, devouring it in about two days, and I had really enjoyed it. So, while I was very excited at seeing it on the big screen, I was a touch nervous about how well it would measure up to the books. Fortunately, I thought they did a wonderful job of translating it and I walked out really impressed. I’ve been reading online discussion about it, and I decided to jot down my thoughts. This isn’t a review as such (if you want to know whether to go see the answer is YES!), or even that structured, just my musings.

Before I go on to talk about what I thought the film did right and wrong, I think it is worth saying how exceptional the books really are. Some people tend to look down on books that are labelled as young fiction, but some of my favourite stories, ones that I come back to again and again, come under that label. I think judging young adult as somehow “lesser” is really just snobbery, and I try and judge a book on its merits, and there is plenty to like about The Hunger Games. I will try and not give away too much in the way of spoilers, but there might one or two in here, so be warned – proceed with caution!

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